Presentation schedule

Please find out your schedule for poster and oral presentation here

  1.  Oral presentation day 1 
  2.  Oral presentation day 2
  3.  Poster presentation

For oral presenter, please note the following guideline

  1. The session will be in a panel format, consist of 5 or 6 presenters in each round (3 rounds in total)
  2. Each presenter have 7 minutes of presentation. Please consider how many slide you should have with this time limit. An easy rule of thumb is 1 slide for 1 minute
  3. Each round of panel session will be followed by panel discussion for about 15-20 minutes
  4. Ensure that you will be ready on the site approx 5 minutes before your round starts
  5. Please send the presentation file to your moderator’s email, no later than Tuesday, 23 June, 16.00pm (please check your presentation room before you sent the email) using the following file name format: ABS_your abstrak number_Presenter. Please note that if you have two or more abstracts, you might have to send to different moderator’s email if you are scheduled to have presentation in different room.
  6. Certificate will be ready on the registration desk in front of the ball room on 2nd day before closing ceremony

For poster presenter, please note that you should be stand beside your poster during the presentation time